Pill Compartment Thingy

When people turn 40, 50, or 60, they usually get gag  gifts from friends who want to rub it in their faces that they are getting up there in the age category,  Black balloons add a festive touch to the marked occasion. And when the fun is over, the balloons burst and the gag gifts are put in a closet and forgotten about until they can be re-gifted when their next broken down friend reaches the golden age of creakiness.

I’m all about re-gifting goofy presents to the next birthday boy or girl, but wait a minute. What if you can actually use a gag gift? I think I can.

When I turned 50, I received some strange gifts to mark my creaky, decrepit, broken down, sapless body.  Some people receive prune juice, arthritis rub, or Depends undergarments. I was presented, among other treasures, a magnifying glass, a saggy boob bra, and a pill compartment thingy.


It’s actually pretty big, you know, for all my medicine. I laughed when I opened this one, but after the party was over, I walked my rickety legs over to closet and shoved it somewhere to sit forever beside the rest of the gag gifts. I did later re-gift the bra to the friend who bought it for me since she was just a year behind me.

One day, a year or two after the wonderful birthday party, I couldn’t remember if I took my blood pressure pill or not. Strange. I mean, what the hell? Did I take it or didn’t I? Well, shit, this was frustrating. I didn’t want to take another one because maybe it would kill me or put me in a coma.

Hey, where is that pill compartment thingy my dear friend Debbie bought for me? I could actually use the thing.

And I have for several years now. Every Sunday morning I put a new week of blood pressure pills, calcium pills, and multi-vitamins in each little container so I won’t forget to take my medicine. Good grief, I am old!

When I travel, I really don’t have the room in my purse or bag for this giant pill reminder, so I carry pill compartment junior when I hit the road.


Pretty sad, aren’t I?  I’m using my gag gift and purchasing more for my benefit. Yes, I am an old fogey now. But, I need to remember to take my medicine since I have little brain cells left.

But, take a look at the photo….

Yes, that’s right. You can barely see some activity going on in compartment M (which means Monday 🙂 Today is Saturday and on Tuesday I realized I missed my Monday medicine.

I obviously need a 24 hour nurse.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on February 6, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    I refuse to admit that I may or may not have actually bought a bigger pill box on purpose and it wasn’t until I was or was not using it in the car the other day or not and I saw the words (impossible to read since they are the same color as the blue plastic) that said “push”. Meaning, instead of breaking nails on a regular basis to pry those #%$&* lids up, I could just push the front and the lid would pop open. @^^**(&$#((@ !!!!!


  2. I don’t have a travel mini. Maybe I should get one. Thanks for making me laugh. Hope you school year is going well. Did you get a good class, or do they all require an IEP?


  3. Posted by Mags Corner on September 1, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I have heard they make them with timers on them. My luck would be though I would forget to set the timer or not hear it. Hugs


  4. Posted by NCMountainwoman on August 31, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Oh, I can totally relate. I still don’t use a pill box but have a system for moving bottles around so I know I took the med. Saggy boob bra? Now that’s a gag gift I could use.


  5. I’m old, too. I have one that has AM and PM section thingies. I’m pretty sure I need the saggy boob bra too. Unless there is a drug for that.


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