Daylight Saving Time Ends….Again

For those of you who have been following my blog for several years now, you know it is time for my Daylight Saving Time rant. Yes, it is time for all of us to take down our  clocks and turn them all back an hour tonight. Well, it ends at 2 a.m. I am sure there are some people out there who are OCD enough to wait until exactly 2 a.m. to turn them back. The rest of us will change them before we go to bed tonight. I shall be mumbling and cursing as I change each time machine.

I just re-read my Daylight Saving Time posts from the past and it is clear I have issues with the stupid time change. And it is stupid. My economics professor son told me once there is a savings. I say “No way, Jose!”  It messes up the workings of my inner clock and that’s all I care about. It takes me almost two weeks to feel normal again. Well, as close to normal as one can feel.

All I know is that it will now get dark earlier until Daylight Saving Time begins again on March 10, 2013, when we spring forward yet again. I find this yearly thing a little monontonous, especially when there are problems associated with this procedure…. My beside alarm clock adjusts itself. Well, my former clock adjusted itself and it is now in a landfill somewhere nearby. It decided to change back an hour on a Wednesday in the middle of October. I woke up an hour later than reality and barely made it to work on time. Damn Daylight Savings Time. I got to school and realized that I only put mascara on one eye. Maybelline hates Daylight Saving Time too, I imagine.

I think the only good thing about Daylight Saving Time is that it is also known to be a time to change the batteries in your smoke detector to make sure they work. The Energizer battery company endorses that, you know. So, you will be reaching and dusting and changing clocks and changing batteries tonight. Life just sucks.

Arizona, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa do not observe Daylight Savings Time. These are the smartest people on the face of the earth. There are also 75 countries that do not observe the time change. Again, smart people. The rest of us should rise up against the machine. I have no idea what the hell that means.

Here are my Daylight Saving Time rants. I would write more today, but how many times can one beat a dead horse?  Apparently, I try more than three times. See you in March for my next rant. I am not a happy camper when that one enters the picture.

Peace be with you, Daylight Saving Time people.

Spring Forward into the River   Hello Circadian Dysrhythmia    Go Fly a Kite, Benjamin Franklin

You know, this is all George W. Bush’s fault. Yes, I realize he has enough blame on his plate, but he is the one that changed it to the first Sunday in November. I remember the day well:

On Monday August 8, 2005, then President Bush signed into law an energy bill that extended Daylight Saving Time by four weeks beginning in 2007. Since 1986 the United States had observed Daylight Saving Time from the first Sunday in April through the last Sunday in October. The new bill calls for Daylight Saving Time to begin three weeks earlier on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. Why? Why can’t this madness just end? No, Georgie wanted three more weeks of Daylight Savings Time….so we all could save what? I don’t know.

The mastermind behind Daylight Saving Time is Benjamin Franklin…. inventor, statesman, and someone who played out in lightning storms one time too many. He wanted to save candle burn time. Well, guess what? We now have freaking electricity.

In the end,  I’m not saving a damn thing that I can tell.  I’m wasting. I’m wasting time writing about Daylight Saving Time when I could be doing something more productive……like changing the batteries in my clock or something.


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  2. Posted by Leegh on February 22, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    It takes me over a month to adjust. I truly have considered moving to Arizona where they do not change the clocks.


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about Daylight Savings Time, but I certainly agree with what you’re saying. It’s just past 4:30 pm and I’m sitting here thinking, “Is it bedtime yet?” The cat’s asleep on the chair. I, too, take a full two weeks to recover. I always think of my grandfather when we spring forward or fall back. When we first started fiddling with the time, Pop said, “Well, they can change their clocks if they want to, but I’m not changing mine.” I don’t remember how long he held out, but I do remember what a stubborn old cuss he was, with his pointy chin sticking out. Thanks for the entertainment.


    • Aw, that sounds like a great story. You should write about that the next time we change our clocks. 🙂 I hate it. It’s 6:14am right now and that’s the usual time I wake up to get ready for work. But, my body says it is 7:14 and I am dressed and ready to go out the door. I guess I can get some things done in my classroom. I’m going to be tired tonight.


  4. Posted by NCMountainwoman on November 4, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I totally agree with you. And while I know I am powerless to do anything about it, it still irks me every single time.


  5. Posted by lynne on November 4, 2012 at 1:36 am

    I think we should “only change them back”,twice a year!!!!Never forward! I do my part to save energy, by sitting in the dark.


  6. I say turn them back 30 minutes and leave them the heck alone.It seriously messes with my internal time clock for over a month and Jumping in mud puddles a BIG Thanks,just set the one on the wrist..Now,I say RANT AWAY!!


  7. Change them before we go to bed???? Nahhh… we usually change them randomly throughout the following day, and spending most of the day actually wondering what time it really is.


  8. I know exactly what you mean, nobody likes this in Britain either! And there is always one clock I’ve forgotten – gets me every year!! 😀


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